February 22, 2019 Only Estate Agents

What Trends To Expect in 2019!


Natural Elements

2019 in expected to take a major turn from tech-obsessed decor and move towards a more fresh and natural housing environment. This includes features such as stone, copper and granite. This design will help create a vibrant feel within a home by incorporating lots of greenery and lots of plants.

Velvet Furnishing

Velvet in 2019 is no longer seen as old fashioned but is now viewed as a luxurious! Velvet has already been gaining a lot of attention and it is believed that velvet is going to be one of 2019’s most followed trends.


Copper Accents

Rose gold was a major trend seen in 2018 but it is believed that this trend will start to die off and that more copper accents, along with a mixture of other metal will begin to be seen as massive trend. Copper is seen as a nice fresh trend and a nice fresh start to the new year with its orange tones and overall earthy hue.


Richer Colour Pallets

Muted colours have been an on-going trend in the past years as they are seen to make spaces feel much less overwhelming, despite this 2019 is thought to bring in a much more vibrant and bold colours within houses. Keep an eye out for dramatic reds, statement pinks, bold yellows and organic greens.


Brass Decor

Start saying good bye to your stainless steel and polished nickel and begin to welcome in the uprising trend of brass accents back into your homes. Brass can be a much subtle alternation to the classic steel accents.



Black and White Decor

The trend of black and white decor has shown to be a truly timeless design, incorporating a range black and white furnishing. The visual contrast of the two colours creates provides your home with a sense of balance and boldness.



Tonal Reds

Looking for a way to make your home feel whole lot warmer and inviting? 2019 is steering away from the cooler colours such as blues and greens and is expected to bring in a trend of tonal reds which are a great way to add complimenting contrast.



Concrete Accents

2019 is the year that concrete will be leaving the construction site and entering many homes decor. Concrete elements will add a crisp, clean look that is easy to compliment. Concrete it homes in 2019 will be seen not only as countertops but there will be an increase in popularity of geometric concrete tiles.


Bucket sinks

Also known as trough sinks are expected to be making a massive comeback in 2019.  Bucket sinks follow a vintage design and are rather farm house inspired. They are seen to add personality and nostalgia to your bathroom or kitchen.



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