March 27, 2019 Only Estate Agents


When building or buying a home many people put great thought into the layout. While the orientation of the house can often be overlooked. However, orientation is key to making the most of natural benefits such as sunlight and views. Hopefully, by the end of this article you will be convinced that choosing the correct orientation to your house provides both aesthetic and financial benefits.


Let’s start by discussing one of the biggest effects of home orientation, the amount of natural light you receive. For most houses it is desirable to orient them towards the north to capture as much natural sunlight as possible. This will also provide passive heating during the winter, while you can use trees to keep most of the heat out during the summer months. This will save you money on the electricity bill and make the house more pleasant to live in. The climate conditions may also have on effect on how you orient and position your house. For example, in warmer climates, such as Cairns, you would want to make sure that you place your house in a shady location to help keep it cool during summer. However, in colder conditions, like Tasmania, you might want to orient it so that it makes the most of the heat provided by the sun during the winter months. By paying attention to the amount of light you receive and the areas which are receiving sunlight you will be able to create a house that will be cool during summer and warm during winter.


Another key factor to consider when designing your houses orientation and placement is making sure that you are taking advantage of any benefits that the property offers. If you have a large block of land, you shouldn’t be afraid of moving the property back a bit, so you can create a large front yard. You might also want to consider installing a front alcove so that you can increase your engagement with your neighbours. You should also make sure that you position the property so that you can take advantage of any views you might have. This may include putting in glass doors or a deck so that you can get a better view. This will not only improve the property while you live there, it will also increase the property’s value if you decide to sell it. Finally, when designing a property consider how best to use natural benefits to make your house look appealing from all directions. For example, while many people emphasise the importance of a north facing house, if you think the south side has more benefits, such as beachfront access, you should orient your house in that direction.


Deciding where to position and orient your house can often be overlooked when planning. However, as we’ve seen, orientation can have a big effect on the amount of electricity used and the liveability of the house. Getting the orientation right can also increase its value if you decide to sell or rent the property.