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Selling Your House After a Divorce
By: Khalid Sarwari
November 22, 2021

A divorce can always be messy, stressful, and overall, have a lot of unnecessary steps throughout the process. One stressful process is selling your house after a divorce, which can be huge headache in itself. Today, we’ll take a look at some tips to help you throughout this process and hopefully help you during it.

Selling Assets

The first real step in this process is to make sure you sell your assets before your divorce is filed. Getting rid of smaller assets before working on selling of a home will be a huge stress-reliever, as you can put most of your attention towards the focus of selling the home. This will also help take some tension off between you and your former partner as well.

How to Sell Your Home

All right, now down to the serious business, selling the house. There are two options when it comes to selling the house, either splitting the house profits how you may with you and your ex-partner, or some will buy out the others price if they choose to keep it for themselves.

However, that is a rare case as often times, one cannot afford to keep it. So, for those looking to indeed sell their home, the first step is to come to an agreement on the price you wish to list the house for. I would recommend having the home and property appraised before negotiations of a price begin. Knowing how to split the profit must be discussed during this as well and may need legal involvement in certain cases.

A Stump in The Process

There are some cases, especially if the divorce is of course really bad, where the two involved in the divorce cannot decide on an asking price. If this is the case with you and your former partner, you may have a judge involved to have an order enforced to split the house profits based off an independent appraiser. This is a rare case as well but can still happen to anyone.

Also, there are of course many other bumps in the road that may come along, either from a legal standpoint, or from you not getting along with your former partner. During these times it is important to stay calm and focus on every step you are taking, as you do not want to end up losing something you didn’t have to in the first place.


Overall, the process of selling your home and/or property can be relatively stress free if you go through the steps slow and steady, not rushing anything. Again, the best thing to do is sell smaller assets first, which can often times be more of a headache, as ex couples often find themselves arguing who’s is what inside the home.

If possible, get as much furnishing out of the home as well, either in storage or to sell. This will make the overall appraisal much easier, especially if it is a larger home. Once smaller assets are taking care of either by storing or selling, then the process of actually selling the home will become much easier for you and your ex-partner.

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