February 26, 2019 Only Estate Agents

Why Go To Open House Before Purchasing?

Buying a house without going to an open is like buying your wedding dress online, because once those house papers are signed the house is yours and you may not really know what lays behind the front door.

Houses may look different in the pictures compared to reality:

When capturing an image, a lot of times it can make something look better or in other cases it may do no justice to what really meets the eye. It is important to go to the Open house before purchasing in order to see what it looks like in person and to get a real feel for the home environment. A room may look tiny in the picture but in person it may be a very spacious room, truth is its hard to catch an exact replicating image as they do no justice to things like texture and depth.

To Ask Agent Questions:

Open Inspections are a great time to ask the agent about the house and to find out all the details to ensure that this house meets all your needs. It is important to read the listing very carefully and clarify anything you don’t understand with the agent. Things like air conditioning are not always listed as part of the property so it is crucial that you either read the listing carefully or ask your agent, in many cases a tenant or a buyer will move into their house and be shocked to find that their air conditioner is ‘missing’ or ‘broken’ when in reality it wasn’t actually listed as part of the house.

Small Details:

An Open house gives you the opportunity to focus on small details that wouldn’t normally show up in photos, for example marks on walls or roofs, quality of flooring, brightness of lights and any other small but crucial features. Opens are a great time to make sure everything is in the right shape and order for you.

Get a good feel for the neighbourhood:

Use this time to get a good feel of your surroundings. See what is close to you, whether it be nice footpaths you can walk on or maybe there is a park across the road that your kids would love. You can get an idea of distance to important day to day things like how close it is to your work or how close is it to the supermarket and other shops. By getting an idea of the neighbourhood surroundings while at an open it will give you a greater understanding of whether the house is right for your everyday lifestyle.