May 23, 2018 Only Estate Agents

If your dog is anything like mine, it means that your garden always has ripped up plants and mounds of dirt on the driveway. There are many different reasons as to why dogs partake in this unwanted behaviour, but that’s not good news for your freshly landscaped garden. Some of the causes of doggy digging are that they are seeking a means of releasing energy or are simply bored. If you want to help your four-legged member of the family, make sure you check out the following dog parks in the Casey area. Your garden will thank you for it.



Banjo Paterson Park

51 Paterson Drive, Lynbrook 3975

This park is a dog walkers haven. Take the kids, take the dog; this park has something for everyone. It boasts a large playground and a lake, that is frequented by an abundance of native wildlife. There are many walking tracks so you and your dog will have a different avenue to explore every time.