March 26, 2019 Only Estate Agents


The RSPCA estimates that around 62% of Australian households own a pet. However, data suggests that only 10% of landlords are open to renting their apartment to tenants with pets. This makes it very difficult for people with pets to find a rental property. The good news is that there are some things you can do to improve your chances of finding a rental property.

1.    Talk To The Landlord

Many tenants don’t take the time to talk to the landlord when considering whether they would be allowed to rent the apartment. By talking the landlord, you might be able to put their minds at ease as you convince them that you and your pets will take good care of their property. You might also be able to negotiate some things like getting them to extend their insurance to cover pet damage. This will give the landlord some protection if your pet does accidentally damage the property.

2.    Offer To Clean The Rental Thoroughly When You Leave

Pets can create messes. While you are required to clean the apartment when you leave as part of the rental agreement, offering to do a more extensive clean might help convince the landlord to rent you the property. Things like deep cleaning of the carpet and deodorising the rental will help to make it easier for the landlord to get tenants in the future. Offering to pay for this cleaning service will mark you as the ideal tenant, even if you do have a pet.

3.    Make Sure The Property Is Suitable For Both You And Your Pet

When looking for properties make sure that you consider whether it will suit your pet. Look for things like a fenced yard and plenty of space for your pet to move around inside the rental. By considering your pets experience when looking for an apartment you will be able to avoid potential problems. Additionally, it will make sure that your transition to the rental goes as smoothly as possible for both you and your pet.

4.    Offer To Pay More

Landlords are taking a risk by putting someone with a pet into their property. What if your pet causes a mess or damages the property? By offering to pay more it lets you compensate the landlords for the increased levels of risk they are taking by renting to someone with pets. It also makes it more likely that they will agree to rent the property to you.

5.    Provide Pet References

A pet reference is a statement from people who knows the animal and believes that they are well-behaved and won’t cause any problems. Providing these references lets landlords understand the good nature of your pet. It will also show them that you take the responsibilities of being a tenant seriously.


Finding a rental property owner that is willing to rent to people with pets can be difficult. Hopefully, by implementing these techniques you will be able to convince landlords to rent to both you and your pet.