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Pros and Cons of Adding a Swimming Pool
By: Khalid Sarwari
October 25, 2023

Australia has over a million backyard swimming pools, making us the country with the highest per capita rate of pool ownership in the world. It's no secret that Melburnians enjoy outdoor entertaining in the warmer months, and a pool is usually a hit with visitors. But, given the continuous costs of pool ownership, can this feature actually add value to your property when it comes time to sell? 

Adding a swimming pool can be exciting prospect, but it comes with its own set of pros and cons that you should carefully consider before making a decision: 


Recreation and relaxation: a swimming pool provides an excellent source of recreation and relaxation for you and your family. It's great way to cool off in hot weather, exercise, and unwind. 

Increased Property Value: a well-maintained pool can boost your property's resale value. 

Social and Family Gatherings: pools can be a focal point for gatherings and social activities with friends and family. 

Aesthetic Appeal: a well-designed pool can enhance your property's aesthetics. 


Cost: building and maintaining a pool can be expensive, including installation, maintenance, and insurance. 

Maintenance: pools require regular cleaning, chemical treatment, and upkeep, which can be tine-consuming and costly. 

Safety Concerns: pools pose drowning and safety risks, especially for families with young children.

Limited Yard Space: pools can consume a significant portion of your outdoor space, limiting other uses. 

Resale Value Variability: while pools can increase property value, they may not offer a full return on investment, depending on location and market demand. 

Climate Dependency: pools are more enjoyable in warmer climates and may be less practical in colder regions. 

Finally, try to consider your budget, lifestyle, and local climate when deciding whether to add a pool to your house or not!

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