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In Escrow !
By: Khalid Sarwari
November 10, 2023

What is it?

Escrow is a financial agreement where a third party holds and manages funds or assets on behalf of two parties involved in a transaction. It is commonly used in various situations such as real estate transactions, business mergers, or online transactions. In the context of real estate, for example when you buy a house, the purchase price might be held in escrow by a neutral third party until all conditions of the sales are met, like inspections and paperwork, and then the funds are released to the seller. Escrow provides security and ensures that both parties fulfill their obligations in a transaction. 

In this article, we provide a streamlined overview of the escrow process, highlighting its importance in safeguarding the interests of both buyers and sellers. 

Agreement and contract: the escrow journey begins with two parties, the buyer and the seller, agreeing on the terms and conditions of a transaction. This is formalized through a carefully drafted contract. The contract outlines key details, including the purchase price, specific contingencies, and important deadlines. 

Choose an Escrow agent: to ensure impartial oversight and secure management of the transaction, the parties select a reputable escrow agent or company. This third party will act as a guardian of the process, responsible for verifying that all contractual obligations are met and handling the assets or funds involved. 

Escrow account creation: chosen escrow agent establishes an escrow account dedicated solely to the transaction. This account serves as a highly secure repository for the funds or assets related to the deal. 

Initial deposit: the deposits the agreed funds or assets into the escrow account as a commitment to the transactions. 

Contingency Period: both parties work to meet contract conditions, such as inspections, repairs, or financing, with funds securely held in escrow. 

The closing stage: once conditions are met, the escrow agent handles the necessary documentations and costs for the transaction's closing. This paperwork often includes the deed, title transfer documents, and various legal paperwork.
Document finalisation: the escrow agent is responsible for guaranteeing that all legal and financial documents are meticulously completed and properly signed by all parties involved. This meticulous attention to detail is pivotal in ensuring the transaction's legality and completeness. 

Transaction completion: with all steps accomplished, the transaction concludes as assets or funds transition between parties, maintaining a secure and structured process. 

The Escrow process is safeguard that provides assurance in complex transactions, benefiting both buyers and sellers in the world of finance and commerce. 

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