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Simple Strategies for a Productive and Healthy Workplace During The Summer Heat
By: Khalid Sarwari
February 13, 2024
Please note that while we strive to provide helpful information, we are not professionals in this particular field. The content shared here is based on general research and knowledge, and should not be considered as professional advice.

As temperatures rise globally, the impact of heat on our ability to work efficiently is becoming a hot topic. In this blog post, we'll explore how heat affects workplace productivity and share easy-to-follow tips from experts to help you stay cool and focused during scorching summer months.

Understanding the Impact

Research from Loughborough University shows that as the thermometer climbs, productivity drops. At 35°C, working conditions result in a 35% decrease in productivity, jumping to a whopping 76% reduction at 40°C. With over a billion workers worldwide facing heat stress, it's time to adopt practical strategies to beat the heat.

Insights from Experts

A recent consensus document by Geohealth, developed with input from 51 experts, provides straightforward recommendations to protect workers from heat stress. These recommendations cover crucial areas like staying hydrated, acclimating to heat, monitoring the environment, and implementing easy-to-follow safety plans.

Stay Hydrated:

- Drink water throughout the day to prevent dehydration.

- Consider adding a pinch of salt, calcium, or potassium to your diet for added electrolytes.

Heat Acclimatization:

- Gradually expose yourself to rising temperatures to help your body adapt.

Environmental Monitoring:

- Keep an eye on workplace temperatures and humidity levels.

- Make simple changes to cool indoor and outdoor environments where possible.

Body Cooling:

- Use fans, air conditioning, or personal cooling devices to maintain a comfortable working temperature.

Implement Heat Safety Plans:

- Follow the practical safety plans recommended by Geohealth (find link below).

- Tailor these plans to your workplace and update them regularly.


As global temperatures continue to climb, it's crucial to address the impact of heat on our productivity. By adopting these easy-to-follow recommendations, businesses and individuals can take proactive steps to beat the heat and stay productive. Whether you're an employer implementing safety plans or an individual prioritizing hydration and acclimatization, the time to act is now. Let's work together to stay cool, stay focused, and beat the heat!

Practical safety plans recommended by Geohealth:

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